10 Everyday Mistakes Even Healthy People Make

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No matter how dedicated you are to living a healthy life, you could be making mistakes in your way of thinking. You can buy organic food, exercise 5 days a week, meditate each night, and still be making mistakes in both your eating habits and your lifestyle.

These might seem like little things, but they can add up to terrible consequences. Are you making any of the following mistakes?


1.  Believing that Calories are Everything

We aren’t talking necessarily about those who are looking to lose weight. Other people who want to manage their weight and keep it under control do this. Although it’s true that we need to control our caloric intake, where we get our calories from matters just as much. Picture this: let’s assume you wanted to limit your caloric intake to 2,000 calories per day. You could eat a half a pizza and some coke and use those 2,000 calories up pretty fast, but would you consider that healthy? On the other hand, some people are so strict with their caloric intake that it borders on obsession. You’ve probably seen people like this when you go out; bringing out a little scale to measure their chicken breast to be sure it weighs no more than 4 ounces. This is an extreme way to live and not healthy mentally. Focus on getting good nutrition from whole, natural foods and the calories should take care of themselves.


2. Not Focusing on REAL, Unprocessed Foods

If you are buying foods from your local supermarket because it says “Natural” and/or “Healthy” in big letters on the label or box, you are most likely falling for a huge marketing scam. There are plenty of companies who don’t give a damn about whether their products are natural or healthy, but they certainly know that you do! So they know that if they put those words on the label, chances are good that you will buy them. You need to read labels carefully. Almost anything that is advertised as being “low fat” is probably full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. If all those labels are confusing, the best way to avoid all that is to get foods that need no labels, including fresh, organic fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Those are the real natural and healthy foods and you won’t need a label to tell you that!

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