10 Great New Reasons to Have Sex More Often!


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6. Sex regulates hormones

Women who had regular sex at least once a week have more normal menstrual cycles than women who do not. Research done at the Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness in Pennsylvania shows that regular sex also showed higher levels of the hormone estrogen which means greater bone density, along with a healthy cardiovascular system.


7. A lower risk of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second leading cancer in men. The prostate is a small, walnut size gland between a male’s bladder and penis. Numerous studies have been done regarding cancer and the prostate, with an interesting connection that found frequent sex can decrease the risk of cancer by almost 33 per cent. Higher frequencies of sex and ejaculation have been linked to having a lower risk of prostate cancer later in life.


8. Sex can strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Martica Heaner, American fitness author and counselor, says forget Kegel exercises and have sex instead. Sex strengthens the same muscles as Kegels and is a lot more fun. Strong pelvic floor muscles bring you flatter abdominal muscles and a straighter back, not to mention greater sexual pleasure and less of a chance of developing incontinence in your later years.


9. Lowers the risk of Breast Cancer

Research has found that women who were sexually active had a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Many cancers are due to an impairment of the hormone balance. There are also hereditary cancer risks. Studies indicate that sex and orgasms are one way to fix this.


10. Fights Allergies

Regular sex might be able to fight off allergies. Sex is a natural antihistaminic that helps control asthma and high fevers.



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