10 Mental Tricks for a More Effective Workout

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When you talk to people about their exercise routine, it seems like everyone has their own way of doing it. Some people like to work out in the morning, others in the evenings, some like to run, others prefer yoga, or swimming. Sometimes it seems like others only care about having the latest, most expensive workout clothes, but, whatever floats your boat.

Have you ever thought about what role your mind plays in the exercises you do? Some people will spend months doing online research on the best pair of running shoes or a new bicycle, but what is our mind supposed to do while we are exercising? If we don’t engage and train our minds, we will never reach our full exercising potential.

If you truly want your exercise to be its most effective, then achieving a balance in our minds is of vital importance. When you achieve this, your workouts will naturally become fun, effective, and something you look forward to, instead of avoiding.

Our minds tend to be cluttered by a constant stream of thoughts, everything from the news program playing on the television, to our work project, even weekend plans. But when you step back from those thoughts, and create a bit of space in your mind, you will see that it’s easier to become aware of the moment and focus on the exercise you are doing. This is called mindfulness; that mental balance that’s so important to everyone who wants results from their workout, from Olympic hopefuls to the guy on the treadmill next to you, and, of course, you!

To gain true mental balance we must practice mindfulness. It gives us a lack of distraction and a clarity that will give you confidence whenever you move, no matter what exercise you are doing.

For example, imagine swimming, but this time, mindfully. You focus on perfecting every single stroke with the best timing, effort and all of this is done with ease. Your results from doing 50 lengths in this manner will be superior to just swimming up and down the pool, wondering what the heck you are going to wear to Cindy’s dinner party Saturday.

When we work out mindfully, we give our exercise the attention it deserves. Doing this will give you the ultimate in the way of results.

Want to try mindful exercise? Try these top 10 tips for improving your mental balance.


1.  Learn meditation.

So you can truly sharpen your focus as well as relax your mind. Find out 7 charkas for beginners.


2. Set realistic, doable goals.

Break it down into small steps and before you know it, you will be on your way to successfully reaching your exercise goals.


3. Understand your motivation.

What do you expect to get out of your workout? What do you want from it? Why are you exercising? Once you understand these things, you will be much more likely to achieve those goals.


4. Your new mantra: Think less, do more.

Remember to keep your focus on the present. When you find you mind wandering, let go of those thoughts and bring yourself back to the present task. You will find you have a more productive work out if you focus on the exercise at hand, not on the blonde in the next lane. Read more about ways to cope with anxiety that make it worse.

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