10 Natural Treatments for Those with Lupus

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

There are many terrible diseases that can affect human beings, one of these being lupus. This is a terrible autoimmune disorder that brings numerous problems for those who are afflicted with it. For some, it causes nothing more than minor inconvenience, but for others it can actually cause death. There is no cure for this disease; all one can do is treat the symptoms and help your body to naturally fight lupus.

Unfortunately there are many diseases that also mimic lupus. Most people go through several tests and try many different medications before they finally discover that they have lupus. Scientists are not certain what causes lupus, nor why it sometimes stops for some people as quickly as it started. Some believe that lupus is triggered by stress, a severe infection, or even food allergies. Whatever the reason, lupus can go on for years or stop at the drop of a hat.

Your doctor might recommend certain medications, but before you consider consuming more toxic chemicals, talk to your doctor about some of the natural methods that have been shown to give many people relief. If you are taking medication, always talk to your doctor before you stop taking it.

Keep reading and find out the 10 best treatments that have given others relief from their lupus symptoms.


1. Diet

When you are first given the diagnosis of lupus, one of your first thoughts was mostly likely about your diet. Your doctor might have even asked you about your eating habits. Most Americans have terrible eating habits, mostly comprised of processed foods, junk foods, sugar, salt, and fast food.

Some people have found that by changing their eating habits and turning away from the typical Western diet, their lupus symptoms dramatically improve. Consume a mainly organic plant based diet, with small amounts of organic, grass fed meats, organic eggs, and healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and coconut oil.


2. Exercise

There are numerous studies showing that moderate exercise can help relieve the symptoms of lupus. Always speak to your doctor before beginning any exercise program as lupus sometimes affects the joints. Many who do mild to moderate exercise, such as simply walking on a treadmill, find that their symptoms diminish greatly. This is true even for those who suffer from joint pain.


3. Avoid Fluoride

You should install a reverse osmosis water purification system if you live in an area that has fluoridated water. You should also switch to a using a non-fluoride toothpaste and consume organic fruits and vegetables as almost all pesticides are made with some amount of fluoride. Read more about the best ways to avoid fluoride.

If you cannot find organic foods, be certain that you wash your produce carefully to remove any pesticide residue. Fluoride tends to cause symptoms to flare up for most people with lupus.

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4. Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for countless centuries and have been known to offer help for those suffering from various types of diseases and lupus is no different. There are literally thousands of essential oils with have no side effects, no risk of developing cancer, no upset stomach, and no overdose deaths. Many people find that certain essential oils offer them relief from some of the symptoms of lupus. Different oils work for different people, so try several and see which one works for you.


5. Rest

One of the worst things lupus patients can do is to try to do too much and not get sufficient sleep. When you are overly tired, your immune system goes into overdrive, something lupus patients do not need. Wearing yourself out will only make things worse. Take it easy, don’t do too much at one time, and get plenty of rest. Take a nap during the day and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.


6. Supplements

Many people find relief of their lupus symptoms through various dietary supplements.

  • Flaxseed – These seeds contain an important fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid, which lowers inflammation levels in the body. Some studies have found that flaxseed improves kidney function in many lupus patients. Some people experience bloating and abdominal pain after consuming flaxseed, so consult with your doctor first.
  • B6 – This vitamin is known to block the toxins in some drugs and chemicals that tend to cause flare ups for lupus patients. If your doctor is trying to wean you off of certain medications, or if you need to begin taking prescription medications, B6 can offer you some relief. Keep in mind that large doses of vitamin B6 can be toxic as well, so always talk to your doctor before consuming this supplement so they can monitor you.
  • Vitamin E – Most people consume vitamin E in a capsule form. Vitamin E can help prevent heart disease by slowing the release of inflammatory compounds that can cause damage to the heart. This common vitamin can also ease inflammation of the lungs in studies done with animals.
  • Fish Oil – Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help those suffering from lupus. Early studies show that fish oil can relieve many of symptoms of lupus, but there is a need for further studies to be done.
  • Vitamin D – Numerous studies show that vitamin D is vital for preventing numerous diseases. Some studies have shown that those who consumed vitamin D supplements had marked improvement in their symptoms, as this vitamin appeared to temper some of the destructive immune system responses that cause lupus.
  • Vitamin A – This vitamin is actually a powerful antioxidant that is commonly found in whole milk and liver, carrots, and other colorful vegetables which contain beta-carotene. Your body changes beta-carotene into vitamin A. This important vitamin protects the body from free radical damage and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. A deficiency in vitamin A has been linked to inflammation of the lungs, skin, and intestines.
  • Evening Primrose Oil – Often used to treat inflammation, evening primrose oil is prescribed for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

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7.  Therapeutic Massage

Massage can be very beneficial for those with chronic muscle and joint pain. If you have cutaneous lupus, or if your lupus mainly affects your skin, you might want a less intense massage to avoid bruising and bleeding.  Use a licensed massage therapist that is familiar with lupus patients. Massage can improve circulation in the body and relieve stiff joints.


8. Herbal Treatments

Please consult with your physician before you consume any of the following herbs that have been shown to relieve the symptoms of lupus:

  • Feverfew
  • Pau D’Arco
  • Goldenseal

Avoid Echinacea, as it works on the immune system and for lupus patients, the immune system is overactive already!

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

9. Chiropractic

A chiropractor can go a long way towards keeping your joints mobile and other connective tissue limber. Although the effectiveness of chiropractic care remains controversial, many lupus patients swear by it.


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10. Acupuncture

Although the amount of studies as to the effectiveness of acupuncture for lupus patients, the few studies that are available show that it can effectively relieve the symptoms of lupus for many patients.

By working closely with your medical provider, and being upfront about any alternative therapies or herbal programs that you want to explore, you and your doctor should be able to formulate a plan that will give you relief from your lupus symptoms.






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