8 Common Diseases Caused from a Lack of Vitamin D


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In today’s modern world is it any wonder that many people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency? We use computers inside our homes, watch TV, play our video games, get into cars that are parked in a garage to drive to work and spend the day inside a building. We spend almost no time in the sun, our main source of vitamin D. In the past, doctors thought vitamin D was only good for keeping your teeth and bones healthy but more recent advances have shown that vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins your body needs.

Unfortunately, many people think that a good diet is good enough. However, there are not too many foods that contain sufficient levels of vitamin D. It would be almost impossible to eat your way to optimum vitamin D levels. Almost everyone will need to get their daily vitamin D from either supplements or from natural sunlight.

Some of today’s most common and devastating illnesses can possibly be reversed by correcting the vitamin D deficiency. Here is a list of 8 common health problems that have been linked with a deficiency of vitamin D.


1. The Flu

It’s well known that the flu strikes hardest during the winter season when the sun is at its lowest level and most people stay inside, out of the cold. Research shows that vitamin D can help improve your immune system. In short, Vitamin D can help you fight the flu!

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