10 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

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Everyone knows that smoking is not good for you. Children are taught it at school, teens may still light up knowing that smoking may look cool, but these days it’s not. Just about everywhere on television are commercials telling you how to seek free information on halting this ongoing habit.

The good news is that as time has shown, many people who smoked for years were able to see their lungs clear up and improve once they stopped smoking. Other than the fact that it is an addictive habit, the smell of the tobacco, what it does for your lungs, and that lovely phlegmy cough that makes you sound as though you are 100 years old are all just special perks when you smoke. That and the fact that the cost of cigarettes keeps climbing with the single pack rate currently at around $5.50.

If you are serious about quitting this nasty habit, there are natural ways that you can safely become tobacco free before you know it. Here are some ways that you can try to stop smoking naturally.


1. Limes

Tests were done using fresh limes against nicotine gum. The limes were less expensive and easily accessible. The problem is that throughout the testing the difference between the techniques was neck and neck and ultimately it was found that the nicotine gum had more tangible success.


2. Black Pepper

A study divided participants into three groups. One group was given cigarettes that gave off a vapor that smelled of the essential oil of black pepper. The second group was able to inhale a minty menthol vapor while a third group was given an empty cartridge. The craving for cigarettes was much less for those who were given the black pepper essential oil.

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3. Exercise

Tests have shown that participants who are interested in quitting smoking were able to successfully crave smoking less after 5 minutes of light to moderate exercise. Groups were tested after observing both groups and both showed major short term success as opposed to those who did nothing. If you are able to look at this as a short-term jump start you could actually begin to cut down and eventually stop smoking. Remember that exercise releases the endorphins that leave you with an elevated mood and a raised serotonin level.


4. Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements have been known to cure everything from insomnia to depression to nicotine addiction. Each person is different so you may want to give any of the following a try if you want to kick nicotine: St. John’s Wort, kava kava, ginseng, and lemon balm.


5. Acupuncture

After testing two groups – one group who was given actual acupuncture treatments in order to determine withdrawal symptoms as well as the ability to refrain from smoking; and the other group who were given sham acupuncture treatments. The test was able to prove that real acupuncture does indeed work and the recipients found it easier to stop smoking and had less withdrawal symptoms.

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6. Meditation

Learning how to meditate is a powerful tool that can cut down on your stress levels and it can help to build your willpower. There was a study that was conducted at Yale University that showed that performing meditation, along with an attention to mindfulness, proved to be more effective at keeping people off cigarettes than an effective cigarette cessation program that has always worked well with keeping people off cigarettes.


7. Hypnosis

You can sign up to be hypnotized by a professional or you can look online and find subliminal signals that you can incorporate into your own mindset in order to quit smoking. Much of hypnosis is based on the power of suggestion. When you can calm yourself into a peaceful position and let yourself feel hypnotized in order to set yourself up to successfully quit smoking, you will be able to get yourself into this mindset whenever you need it.


8. Yoga

If you find that you have found a way to get off of smoking cigarettes and you are working hard on staying off of them, yoga that is performed twice a week by previous smokers has shown to keep them off cigarettes and smoke-free longer than others who quit and tried to stay off them for longer periods of time. Try taking a class or go online and find some poses you can do from a you tube video.

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9. Hydration

One of the ways you can keep yourself off of smoking cigarettes is to hydrate yourself once you have to deal with all of the effects of drying out you get from quitting nicotine. You will replenish your hydration levels and you won’t want to replenish the good feelings you are getting from filling your body with pure clean water by topping them off with a smoke-filled cigarette.


10. Knitting

If you already know how to knit this will be an easy way to be successful at giving up smoking. Choose a product that you will enjoy doing, get all your supplies, and set yourself some goals. Keeping your hands busy by knitting non-stop will keep you from stopping to have just one more cigarette. Your time will be well spent and after a while you won’t even be interested in smoking anymore. You will have stayed focused, created a fun gift for someone, and you will enjoy a sense of achievement you couldn’t get anywhere else.


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If you are in a hurry to quit smoking once and for all, visit a counselor or sign up for a free cigarette for a free nicotine patch therapy session so you can get right to work and get yourself back to feeling well again right away. As soon as you are serious and you are able to focus clearly, your mind will get you back on the straight and narrow and your thoughts and lungs will get you back to a health-free environment.