10 of the Most Disgusting Things You Never Knew about This One Habit

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Iran and Saudi Arabia are two of the biggest countries when it comes to chewing gum. Why is this? Because many stores do not have small change, so they pass out the equivalent in chewing gum. However, America is right behind them, with almost 60 percent of the population stating that they chew gum at least a few times per week.

Most people chew gum as a distraction, something to do while you are waiting in line, or for stress relief, or just to freshen their breath. Some people even claim that chewing gum stops their cravings for sugar or junk food.

However, if you are a regular gum chewer, there are a few things you should know about this habit and some of those things aren’t exactly pretty. In fact, you will find some of these facts are downright disgusting, while others are like playing with fire, as far as your health goes.

Before you open that giant 30 pack of minty fresh gum, check out these 10 facts about chewing gum. Be sure you spit that gum out before you read this list though, otherwise, you might just choke on it!


1. Digestive Problems

Have you noticed that you always seem to have some type of unexplained digestive problem? Maybe it’s gas or perhaps you burp all the time. Maybe you have diarrhea or just general stomach pain. Your problem might be your gum habit. When you chew gum, you swallow excess air, which can cause bloating, gas, and burping. Some people think they have irritable bowel syndrome, when all they really have is a gum problem. By chewing gum you are sending your body signals that you are about swallow food, so your stomach activates enzymes and acids to prepare for food but, of course, it doesn’t come. This can cause stomach pain due to an overproduction of stomach acid and can actually compromise your ability to produce enough stomach acid when you do eat food. In a nutshell, your body doesn’t understand why you are chewing but it’s not getting any food.


2.  Sheep Byproducts

It’s true! Chewing gum contains something called lanolin, a waxy substance that comes from sheep wool. It helps gum to stay soft. You have probably seen this ingredient in your hand lotion or cleaning products. Although it’s not known to be exactly harmful, the ick factor is pretty high.

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