10 Outstanding All Natural Sources of Calcium for Healthy Bones

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Calcium is a vital macro mineral that is vital to the body as it strengthens bones and teeth, improves alkalinity within the body, and helps our heart muscles to work properly, relaxing and contracting.

Like all minerals, calcium does not work alone, but works together in tandem with other nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin D, This means that when we obtain calcium from whole foods, natural foods with nutrient profiles that have been optimized by Mother Nature for their superior absorption levels, we have bodies that are naturally health and strong.

What are the most outstanding non-dairy sources of calcium? We have a list of the top 10, and you can read all about it right here:


1. Seaweed

Ok, so seaweed is included in multiple “best of” lists and that’s because, well, let’s be honest, it’s got the best of just about anything you are looking for. Since seaweed grows on the ocean floor, it is unaffected by contaminants in the soil or air, so its nutritional value has remained the same for centuries. As luck would have it, seaweed is super rich in calcium.

Of course, besides calcium, seaweed has 13 vitamins, 60 trace elements, 20 amino acids, zip in the way of calories, super low in fat, and, of course, it has protein and calcium. It’s hard to find anything else that can match that line up of nutrition.

The best sources of seaweed for calcium would be kombu, wakame, and kelp. Just one hundred grams have about 150 to 170 grams of calcium. As of this writing, it might be a good idea to avoid seaweed that has been harvested from the Pacific Ocean due to possible radiation contamination.

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