10 Reasons to Laugh More Often

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6.  Laughter Lowers Stress Hormones

People who love to laugh have much lower levels of stress hormones like cortisol. As these hormone levels get lower, the body becomes much more relaxed and feels not only physical rest, but an emotional rest as well. See more how to naturally balance your hormones.


7.  Laughter Lowers Blood Pressure

By improving blood circulation and dramatically increasing the oxygen level in the blood, laughter is considered by many to be an important function when talking about fighting heart disease. Laugh it up, folks, it does a body good!


8.  Laughter Can Keep You Younger Longer

Researchers at Loma Linda University discovered that even just the anticipation of having a good belly laugh produced an increase of an important anti-aging hormone, known as HGH, as much as 87 percent! Imagine how much of an increase you could achieve by actually laughing your head off during a funny movie?


9.  Laughter Improves Your Immune System

A study done by the National Cancer Institute showed that laughter not only kept stress hormones in check but that it also aided the immune systems instruments such as T cells, B cells, and lymphocytes work at their best levels.


10.  Laughter Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels

As if you needed another reason to laugh, well, here’s another one. Diabetics should really be certain to get in all the laughter they can.  19 diabetic patients who were involved in a study done in 2012 showed that laughter suppressed their blood sugar levels.





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