10 Reasons Why You Always Feel So Darn Cold!

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4. Raynaud’s Disease

This uncommon disease causes your fingers and toes to literally turn blue in response to emotional stress or cold. If your fingers feel numb or even painful when the blood returns, throbbing and tingling, then you might want to see a rheumatologist, as some of these cases develop into arthritis. This is a very rare condition that affects mainly women, but it can affect men as well.


5. Certain Medications

There are some prescription medications that can leave you cold, literally. Beta blockers, for example, which are used to treat heart problems, can make you very sensitive to cooler temperatures. In fact, constantly cold feet and hands are the most common side effect of these types of drugs. If you are on beta blockers, or if you think your medication might be to blame for your feeling cold, talk to your doctor.


6. Stress and/or Anxiety

Right up there with the happiness factor, feelings of stress and anxiety can manifest itself in all sorts of physical ways, including sensitivity to cold. When you are feeling anxious, it can really leave you feeling cold because you become more sensitive to all physical sensations, which can cause your body to begin to panic about feeling cold as well. It’s a terrible catch 22 situation. Finding ways to relieve your stress and anxiety might go a long way towards making you feel more comfortable in your own skin. See a therapist if you need to.


7.  Hypothalamus Dysfunction

As we discussed earlier in the article, your hypothalamus is your body’s climate control system. When it goes haywire, it’s as if your internal thermostat is stuck on 55, so you will feel cold all the time. The dysfunction of this important gland can be caused by any number of issues, from head trauma to anorexia, but for the most part it is treatable. See your doctor if you feel cold no matter what you do.

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