10 Reasons Why You Always Feel So Darn Cold!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

8. Fungal Infections

This is another one that, at first, doesn’t seem to make sense. How could a fungal infection make you feel cold?  Well, when we are talking about candida, the most common type of fungal infection that is the cause of thrush, toenail infection, and vaginal infections, it somehow also affects the hypothalamus, which will leave you feeling plenty cold.


9. Hypothyroidism

An under active thyroid gland, commonly referred to as hypothyroidism, is a common culprit of feeling cold constantly. Your doctor can test your thyroid function with nothing more than a simple blood test.


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10. Diabetes

Some persons with diabetes seem to feel constantly cold. Doctors don’t understand why some diabetics feel this way and others don’t, but it could be due to diabetic nephropathy, which is damage to the kidneys. This is common for many diabetics. If you are a diabetic and you feel cold frequently, talk to your doctor about this symptom.

Your body can learn to adapt to temperature changes. This is why 45 in October feels so cold and 45 in March feels so warm! You can help your body adjust to temperatures by consuming body warming carbs in the winter months and more salads and veggies in the hot summer months.

Some experts claim that you can trick your mind into feeling warmer (or colder) by visualizing hot, sunny beaches or by playing videos showing hot, tropical climates or hot water scenes such as Jacuzzis, natural hot springs, or your old home videos of your kids running under the backyard sprinklers on a hot summer day.






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