10 Regular Habits that are Kidnapping Your Hormones

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

4. Coffee

Drinking coffee regularly can artificially stimulate your adrenal glands. This induces a state of extreme alertness or even a state of panic, which eventually depletes your adrenal reserves. If you reach this point, balancing your hormones is virtually impossible and you will be plagued with chronic fatigue. This means you will more than likely reach for more coffee to get that needed energy rush, and the cycle goes on and on.


5. Overuse of Electronic Gadgets

Our current obsession with anything electronic including computers, tablets, smart phones, GPS devices, exercise monitors, and flat screen TV’s has made our lives more convenient and pleasurable in some ways, but much more complicated in other ways. All these electronic screens are producing an excessive amount of EMF’s, which result in anxiety, stress, poor quality sleep or lack of sleep, lower energy levels, thyroid issues, digestive problems, and inflammation. Find out dangers of WI-FI. All of the above problems contribute to your hormonal imbalance.


6. Irregular Sleep Patterns

Ah, modern life! Working overtime, graveyard shifts, The Twilight Zone all night marathons, all of these things interrupt our circadian rhythm that oversees our sleeping/awake cycle. Keeping irregular hours screws with our melatonin and cortisol levels. Usually the opposite of what we want, with high cortisol levels and low melatonin levels. Keeping irregular hours will really mess up your hormones.


7. Stress

Stress levels seem to be higher every day and the toll stress takes on your hormones is devastating. The truth is chronic stress among young people leads to hormone levels about the same as a 70 year told. Ongoing stress depletes adrenal energy, which also can create hormone problems.

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