10 Regular Habits that are Kidnapping Your Hormones

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Photo credit: bigstock

Come one, folks, let’s admit it; anytime you feel out of whack or a bit whacked out, you blame your hormones, don’t you? The thing is, you are probably right!

These tiny little chemical messengers zoom along inside you at will and they pretty much have the rule of the roost, so to speak. They influence everything we do, from our weight, sex drive, sleeping patterns, to our appetite, or lack of one.

Getting all hormonal isn’t just a random thing many times. Certain habits that we have can cause your hormones to take a time out or go on a wild ride; and take their toll on how you feel while they do so.

Besides feeling a bit whacked out, hormone dysfunction is becoming rampant in our society. Think about it; prostate cancer, breast cancer, and hypothyroidism are becoming common place and all these cancers have links to our hormones.

Take a look at the top 10 everyday habits many of us indulge in that are holding your hormones hostage and keeping you feeling out of sorts.


1. Sun Avoidance

In the past 20 years we have been inundated with messages that the sun is somehow bad for you. Safe sun exposure allows your body to turn that sunshine into vitamin D. Without this very important vitamin, a neuroregulatory hormone won’t be made by your body. A lack of vitamin D has also been linked to numerous cancers. Get safe sun exposure or take supplements if you live in areas where there is little sunlight.


2. Lack of Exercise

When you don’t get regular exercise, your body does not make and release endorphins, which are those Gee-I-Feel-Great hormones that make you feel happy and alert. These hormones also keep your immune system in optimal condition, as well as increase your sex hormones so you have that natural desire for sex. The more you move, the more endorphins your body will make so, no matter what you do, you need to move that body! Read more how to get fit even if you haven’t exercised for year.


3. Crazy Crash Diets

Ladies, you know the ones, eat only grapefruit for a week or the “drink only cabbage soup for 10 days”, or the “600 calorie a day” diet. A huge drop in levels of body fat, wither due to super low calorie diets or intense exercise sessions, will dramatically lower your estrogen levels. This will stop your natural menstrual cycle until your body feels this “emergency” has passed and body fat levels return to a healthier level. Find out other worst mistakes of the modern day diet.

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