8 Worst Mistakes of the Modern Day Diet

processed meats

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How can America, the richest, most educated people on earth, have such severe health problems? It’s today’s modern diet. Even just 30 years ago, many foods were still grown locally, and sold (or served) fresh.  As you probably already know, most foods today are highly processed, filled with chemical and coloring additives, sugar, salt, and processed oils.

Since we began eating in this manner, obesity rates have gone through the roof, as well as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and depressions. Why is it almost no one sees the correlation?

Our “modern” diet is behind most of the world’s ills. Wherever the American diet goes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and obesity soon follow. This is a terrible, yet, reversible, tragedy. By removing these 8 food “mistakes” from your diet, you can avoid most of the health problems that are caused by our exceedingly poor diet.


1. Processed Foods

We eat processed foods in massive quantities like never before. Almost 25 per cent of the family’s grocery budget is spent on processed foods and sweets. This is double what we used to spend just in 1982!  Some of this is due to pricing. Most processed foods that contain flour, and/or sugar have actually decreased in price compared to fresh fruits and vegetables. Cheaper prices encourage consumers to buy more of these items to stretch their food dollar.

However, the results are obvious.  Diabetes and obesity are rampant, along with many other serious and chronic health problems. How can you avoid this? Avoid processed foods whenever possible. These are usually located in the center isles of your supermarket.

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