10 Shocking Things that Happen When You Have This (We Knew About #4)


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Although you probably don’t need reasons to have sex, you might be interested to know what goes on while you are “doing it.”  Sex makes the world go around, and it can be a source of complete bliss, absolute frustration, or it can make for great gossip. Everyone wants to know who is doing it with whom, how often, and how good it was!

Despite all the gossip and speculation, making love and feelings of intimacy are pretty darn good for your health as well. Perhaps your mother didn’t mention that during your discussion of the birds and the bees, so we are going to give you all the dirty details here.

Keep reading and discover what your momma or poppa never told you!


1. You Will Experience Less Pain

One of the hormones your body releases during sex is called oxytocin. It is also used to reduce feelings of pain. This is why that old, “I have a headache” routine no longer holds up. Now that we know the body will release oxytocin, and that headache (if it really exists) will pass if you get down and do it. One study, published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, showed that subjects who inhaled oxytocin vapor and then had their fingers pricked with  a needle felt much less pain than the control group who got zip before they were jabbed with the needle. The endorphins that are also released when you have an orgasm resemble morphine in their chemistry, so headaches, cramps, and even arthritis pain will fall by the wayside, according to research from the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University.


2.  You Will Have Less Stress

Research has shown that the folks who don’t indulge into sex have the highest stress levels. One study out of Scotland, published in the journal Biological Psychology, showed that having sex can improve your performance during stressful periods as well as relieving feelings of anxiety. When you orgasm, your body releases those super feel-good hormones endorphin and oxytocin. These leave you happy and relaxed.


3.  Relieves High Blood Pressure

There are also many studies showing that when you have sex on a regular basis, it lowers your chance of developing high blood pressure. Biological Psychology published an article that described in detail the positive effects frequent sex has on the diastolic blood pressure reading. For women, sometimes just hugging and cuddling is enough to bring down blood pressure levels, which can help to protect them from chronic disease.

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