10 Super Toxic Foods and the 10 Best Detoxifying Foods You Can Eat

roasted sweet corns on the bbq grill

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3. Corn

One of the most well-known GMO crops around. Avoiding corn is certainly a no brainer, but remember to think about all the foods you eat that are made with GMO corn, including cereal, tortillas, corn oil, corn meal and corn flour, and tamales, for example. More than 90 percent of all corn grown in the USA is GM corn.

Unless you are buying your corn from a small, private farmer, such as one you might meet at a farmers’ market, you are most likely eating GM corn. In studies done with mice and rats, GM corn showed accelerated growth in mammary tumors and tumors in the reproductive systems. Even though Big Agra, such as Monsanto, will try to tell you that these food products are safe, there have been almost no studies to show that, but plenty of studies to show that these foods have been linked to premature death, gastric lesions, and kidney damage.

Why risk it? Don’t be Big Agra’s guinea pig; avoid GM corn.

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