10 Super Toxic Foods and the 10 Best Detoxifying Foods You Can Eat

soft drinks

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2. Sodas

This is another one that sounds like a no brainer, but seriously, is there anyone on the planet that thinks sodas are healthy? But knowing this has very likely not stopped you from having one with your lunch every day, has it? Be honest! Well, you should know that drinking sodas are linked to cavities and tooth decay.

Many sodas also contain something called brominated vegetable oil. You might wonder what vegetable oil is doing in a soda. This is used to keep the artificial flavors they add from separating and coming to the top of the soda. If that isn’t disgusting enough, this ingredient is linked to skin problems, nerve disorders, and memory loss.

And we are only talking about sugared sodas; artificially sweetened sodas are a whole ‘nuther bag of ills. Most Americans eat entirely too much sugar and, believe it or not, a lot of it comes from sodas. High sugar diets can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Ditch the soda habit and see how much better you feel!

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