10 Super Toxic Foods and the 10 Best Detoxifying Foods You Can Eat

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For anyone interested in eating healthy then there are a few foods you should simply avoid at all costs. Some of these foods might surprise you while others are no brainers. Still, some foods have a bad reputation but perhaps you think it won’t be so bad if you ate it just this once. Just this once, however, often turns into regularly. If you are unaware of the health risks, then chances are pretty good that you will continue to eat something toxic.

On the other hand, Mother Nature has made things fairly easy for us and provided a wide range of healthy and detoxifying foods that are terrific for our health. Keep reading for a list of the 10 toxic foods you need to eliminate from your diet and the 10 super detoxifying foods you should eat every day.


1. Bacon

OK, bacon is super delish! Everyone knows that, it’s not up for debate, but bacon is also one of the most toxic foods you can eat!  Just one serving of bacon (about 3 slices) has 435 mg of sodium. This means that if you have hypertension, bacon is a flat out no-no.  It’s loaded with nitrates, smoke flavoring, and artificial colors.

Some bacon meat is cleaned first with ammonia to kill pathogens, and then they add those artificial colors to make it look clean and fresh. If you see the words “processing agents” on the package, then you know they used ammonia or bleach to clean the meat. (Major yuck factor.)  In fact, if you ate just one serving of bacon six days a week, you would increase your risk of stroke or heart disease by as much as 41 percent! So although no one thinks bacon is a good thing, it’s much worse than that.

The next time you go to that County Fair and they offer you a deep fried bacon wrapped ice cream, you really need to pass.

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  1. Horseman

    Jan 30, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    There is bacon out now with no artificial ingredients or nitrates. I’m starting to wonder about the research that goes into some of these articles.