10 Surprising Secrets About Meditation


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5. Meditation Can Be Done in Any Position

You don’t have to sit in the lotus position to meditate. Most people find that sitting crossed legged on the floor is comfortable and allows them to stay focused, but if you cannot, for whatever reason, plop down on the floor, do it in a chair, lying on the bed, sitting in your car, or propped up with your back against a tree. Anywhere that you are comfortable is the right position for you.


6. Meditation is Very Simple

For those who have never tried it, meditation sounds mystical and obscure. The truth is, meditation can be very simple. For example, in Zen meditation, all you do is focus on your own breathing. You simply count and watch yourself breathing in and out. That’s about it. Of course, your mind might start to wander, but when you realize it, you simply bring it back to focus on breathing. It is very, very simple, but not quite as easy as it is simple!


7. Your Mind Will Wander

One of the most frustrating things for beginners is that your mind will naturally wander. You’ve been paying attention to your breathing and suddenly you discover you were making out a grocery list in your head! This is very frustrating but don’t beat yourself up about it! This only stresses you out even more, and you want to relieve stress. Realize that, like riding a bicycle, it takes practice. When you find that your mind has wandered, simply bring it back to where you want it. Be patient. You can do this with a bit of practice.


8. You Can Do This Anywhere, Anytime

Although it might not be a good idea to meditate in traffic or in the middle of a rock concert, you actually can do this just about anywhere and anytime. In fact, in Zen meditation, there is a very beautiful walking style of mediation where you are focusing on each and every step. You can meditate just about anywhere you go. For those who have been practicing this for a while, why not give it a try? Choose a different location for a change of pace.


9. Think More Like Your Dog

Being present is our natural state, and it is easy to achieve once you bring your attention to what it feels like inside the body. Even if you don’t feel anything special at that moment, you can notice how “alive” you feel, the sensations in your arms or feet. As you become more present, you will notice how all those racing thoughts just seem to fall by the wayside. Believe it or not, this is how your dog lives. He doesn’t think about dinner tomorrow, he doesn’t think about where he might sleep this afternoon, he is only thinking about how he feels and what he is doing right now.


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10. You’ve Always Known How

Next time you are holding a baby in your arms or are playing with your infant, look into their eyes for a moment. They aren’t worrying about their next meal, they aren’t disappointed or feeling judgmental, they have no regrets. Babies are present and are enjoying the moment. Unlike most adults, they are not yet absorbed by their own thoughts. We have always known how to be present, we’ve just forgotten. Once you start practicing meditation again, you will find that it not only comes naturally to you, but that it feels natural and you will want to do it more and more.



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