10 Surprising Ways Eating Onions Are Good For You

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We all know that eating fruits and vegetables are good for us. Many of us may not have taken into consideration that eating onions was part of the plan. Onions have a very strong odor and many times when you are peeling them they can make your eyes water so that others think you are crying.

Onions have been around for thousands of years in other countries. Many people who lived in prehistoric days in Asia were said to have eaten raw wild onions straight from the farm. As recently as 5,000 years ago they grew in China and were recognized for their medicinal properties as a diuretic, an aid for digestion, and their help with the heart.

There are several different colors of onions and a few offshoots. There are currently yellow onions, white onions, and red onions in America. Besides regular onions, there are green onions and scallions as well as shallots. They are usually added to salads and sandwiches raw but can also be sautéed or even stuffed and baked whole as a side dish.

Besides their distinctive flavor used in cooking, they offer a number of ways they can assist our health. Here are 10 reasons you should add onions to your regular diet.


1. Increase your immunity

Onions have polyphenols in them which serve as antioxidants and keep them from having to deal with free radicals. This in turn helps to keep the immune system at its optimum level. If you have allergies, onions could help prevent your next sneezing attack as it stops your body from creating histamines.

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