10 Surprising Ways Eating Onions Are Good For You

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2. Regulate your blood sugar

Onions have chromium in them that is successful in keeping blood sugar levels even and the sulfur they contain actually reduce the blood sugar levels while it increases the production of insulin. A study that was conducted in 2010 and printed in the Environmental Health Insights journal confirmed that this was especially beneficial to those who suffered from diabetes. Another study in 2014 reported that those with type 2 diabetes had reduced glycemic levels and their liver enzymes were more normal when they ate onions that were sliced.


3. Prevent cancer

If you eat onions up to seven times each week, you will lower your chances of getting ovarian, laryngeal, and colorectal cancers. When you eat them a couple of times every day you will lower your chances of getting esophageal or oral cancer. Onions contain quercetin which is a very strong anti-cancer benefit. They can reduce the chances of getting tumors for ovarian, prostate, breast, colon, lung, and endometrial cancers. In addition to preventing certain types of cancer, they have been known to assist with side effects of chemotherapy that leave patients with hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.


4. Eaten raw they help lower your cholesterol (LDL)

When it comes to helping us with our cholesterol levels, onions take care of things on both ends. Consuming onions raw can help reduce your bad cholesterol or LDL, and they increase the amount of good cholesterol, or HDL which keeps you healthy.


5. Ease the stress in your life

Quercetin, which is found in onions, helps your body deal with stress. Cortisol is produced by our bodies whenever we get stressed out. A small amount is okay but too much cortisol results in the protein in the body breaking down and the tissue in muscles become damaged. The quercetin in the onions release an enzyme that prevents the release of the cortisol.


6. Reduce blood pressure

Onions contain sulfur which serve as a blood thinner in the body. This keeps blood platelets from sticking together and the quercetin in onions ensures that there is no buildup of plaque in your body. If you have hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure, you are always at a greater risk of cardiovascular conditions. Keeping your blood pressure under control will keep you from suffering a stroke or a heart attack.

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