10 Things Your Nurse Will Never Tell You

Nurses Helping Elderly

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5. That You Remind Them of a Family Member

It’s very likely that your nurse has had a family member or friend fighting the same issues you are fighting. Nurses, too, have had parents facing terminal illness, sisters having difficult pregnancies, and brothers involved in terrible accidents. Sometimes, you or your family member bears a striking resemblance to one of their family members. They might be remembering when their mother was facing the same situation you are going through, but they won’t tell you.


6. That Their Family is Sick

One of the drawbacks of working as a nurse is that you can rarely leave work at a moment’s notice simply because your child has the flu. Nurses must care for their sick patients, even when their own child or spouse is sick at home. However, you will probably never hear your nurse talk about their role as a caretaker for their aging mother or that they are exhausted because they were up all night with their sick baby. Your nurse will act as if you are their only concern, because that is their job.


7. Your Nurse Will Go to Bat for You

Sometimes, your nurse will need to go to bat for you. Nurses fight for the best interest of their patients, going head-to-head with your doctor or other health care professionals if needed. They will present their case about what they know about you and what they believe is the best for you. They will never tell you about it, but your nurse can be your best advocate if the need should arise.

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