10 Things Your Nurse Will Never Tell You

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. She’s Exhausted

Chances are that your nurse will never tell you just how tired, exhausted, and fatigued he or she really is. You might even tell her “You look tired” and she might say, “Oh, just a little” or “Yes, but I’m off soon,” but she won’t tell you how the stress drains her, or how the years of rotating shifts has left her completely worn out. They won’t tell you that their feet are aching, their back hurts, and their brain is just as tired. When you wake up and see your nurse standing there and you say, “What? You are still here?!” They will probably answer “Oh, just a little bit longer.”


3. That Another Patient Passed Away

In critical care units or intensive care units, your nurse is, literally, right outside the door, if not right by your bedside. If you should look around and not see your nurse, it’s probably because she is really busy in a nearby room, and things are not going very well. When your nurse returns, she might seem a bit flustered or seem like she is having a manic episode because she will be double checking everything about you. This is most likely because another patient in her care passed away, and she won’t tell you about how it broke her heart. She will only make sure that you are well taken care of so she doesn’t have to deal with a second death in one day and so you won’t have anything to think about but getting well.


4. That She is Also Sick

Although you might guess when your nurse is sick because she is sneezing or coughing, most of the time, you won’t know anything about it. Your nurse will stay home if she has something contagious, but for just about anything else, she will show up for work. You will never hear nurses talk about their slipped disc, their chronic pain, or arthritis. Everyone knows that nurses make the worst patients, so while they might neglect themselves, they will never neglect you.

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