10 Tips To Stop Consuming Fluoride, Even If It’s Not In Your Water


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If you think you are safe because there is either no fluoride being added to your municipal water, or because you have a water filtration system that removes it, think again.

There are plenty of other ways that fluoride is hiding in plain sight, so to speak, and you probably don’t know it. Some sources of fluoride are obvious, such as toothpaste, but others, not so much.

We have made a list of 10 ways that you and your family can avoid this dangerous neurotoxin. Keep reading and be aware of how you might be consuming this dangerous chemical without even knowing it!


1. Stop Drinking from Unidentified Water Sources

If you go to your friend’s house and you decide to get a glass of water from the sink, do you really know what’s in it? This is especially true if your friend lives in another county, or even in another city. Even if you know that your municipality does not fluoridate the water, do you know about your friend’s home? Your parent’s home? The gym? The drinking fountain at the zoo or the park? Never drink from unknown water sources unless it is a matter of life or death.

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