10 Ways This One Type Of Food Is Killing You Slowly (#10 is Spot On!)

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This one type of food is killing people by the thousands, perhaps millions, every single year. What type of food is this? Processed foods. These are so much worse than you think are.

How do we know this? It’s fairly obvious. Whenever a culture begins to move away from their natural diet and adopts a more “Westernized” diet, high in processed foods and sugar, they start to develop Westernized diseases. They become sick, fat, develop heart disease and diabetes.

This all happens within a generation or two, by the way. The genes of the population do not change that quickly, but they food they are consuming changes their bodies dramatically.

Are you unsure about exactly what we mean by processed foods? The word itself is somewhat self-explanatory even though some foods we eat are somewhat processed but not necessarily bad. For example, apples cut from the tree are natural with no processing. Applesauce is merely diced, cooked apples with a touch of honey and cinnamon (if you make them yourself) so although they are slightly “processed”, you wouldn’t consider this a bad food. Butter, also, is slightly processed cream but there are no chemicals involved.

When we talk about processed foods we are talking about dangerous foods that have been made from mainly refined ingredients (such as white bread) or foods that have been chemically altered and/or chemically processed, such as vegetable oils.

Take a look at the top 10 ways that processed foods are killing you slowly, bit by bit, with every single mouthful that you take.


1. High In Trans Fats

Almost all processed foods are high in an unhealthy type of fat called trans fat. This is because the main idea behind processed foods is to make them as cheaply as possible. Refined seed and/or vegetable oils (such as corn or soybean oil) are super inexpensive and because they are partially hydrogenated, this makes them super high in trans fats, the worst possible type of fat that you can consume.

Vegetable oils are extremely unhealthy. They contain excessively high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which drive inflammation in the body as well as oxidation. Numerous studies have shown that when people eat foods that are high in trans fats that they have a significant increase in their risk of developing heart disease.

The best way to avoid trans fats is to avoid processed foods, seed oils, and vegetable oils. Eat natural oils such as butter, olive oil, and coconut oil instead!

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