101 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

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It’s all about the coconut oil, friends! If you ever watched the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” where the father’s answer to everything was to use Windex, substitute that for coconut oil! It seems that there is almost nothing you can’t make better by adding some coconut oil to it!

Always be certain you are buying virgin, organic, unprocessed coconut oil. By the way, if you are looking to save some money on coconut oil, you can buy it in bulk online in 5 gallon buckets much cheaper than those little jars they have at your supermarket.

Keep reading, friends, for the 101 amazing ways you can use coconut oil everywhere.


1.  Take a couple of tablespoons daily for energy and health.

Studies show that it can boost your metabolism and might prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Use it in your coffee instead of creamer. Find out how to make a fantastic coconut oil smoothie.

3. Make your own natural diaper cream; just rub it right on baby’s behind! No more diaper rash!

4. Rub directly on your skin and lighten those age spots.

5. Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy; rub right on your belly, breasts, and thighs. Coconut oil must be the best skin conditioner ever!

6. It’s a natural sunscreen with an SPF of 15. Use in place of those toxic, chemical filled, commercially made sunscreens.

7.  Naturally gets rid of cradle cap on babies. Massage into the head, let sit for a couple minutes, and then rinse out with a warm wash cloth.

8. De-frizzes hair naturally. Simply rub a dime sized drop of coconut oil through your hands, and then run your hands through your hair.

9.  Great way to keep your lips from becoming chapped.

10. Super intensive hair conditioner. Rub into dry hair, put on a shower cap and leave on for a few hours. Wash hair as you normally would and watch how simple it is to have beautiful hair!

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11.  Rub on feet and toenails after a shower to fight toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

12. Doing oil pulling with a drop of oregano oil and coconut oil every morning will give you super white teeth and healthy gums.

13. For better health, replace vegetable oil with coconut oil in any recipe.

14. To help recover from a cold or the flu, add one tablespoon of coconut oil into your tea.

15. Rub on your legs to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

16. Use it as a natural personal lubricant. Don’t worry; it won’t harm the vaginal flora.

17. Great as an antibacterial skin cream.

18. Terrific as a natural shaving cream or after shave lotion.

19. When rubbed into the skin regularly, it can help remove cellulite over time.

20. Reduces the itch from bug bites.

21.  Helps stop acne.

22.  Stimulates hair growth. Simply rub into the scalp, let sit for about 20 minutes, and then wash your hair as you normally would.

23.  If your pet has dry skin or flaky skin, rub coconut oil into the fur and let sit overnight, then wash with a gentle baby shampoo.

24.  Much healthier to use for cooking and frying than conventional vegetable oils.

25. Mix coconut oil with rosemary, mint, or catnip essential oil and use as a natural bug repellent. Great for kids, as this mixture contains no toxic chemicals.

26. To stop nausea or soothe heartburn, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil into a cup of ginger tea for instant relief.

27.  Completely natural baby lotion. (Nursing moms, you can use it on your nipples as well!)

28. When taken on a regular basis, it fights candida infections and can help stop UTIs.

29. When used topically, coconut oil relieves the pain of hemorrhoids.

30. Rubbed into the fingernails will help you to grow longer, stronger nails.

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31. Makes terrific homemade soap. Using coconut oil in your recipes for soap will not only moisturize the skin naturally, it will also make your soap have lots of large bubbles when used.

32. Naturally cures cold sores. Just apply a bit of coconut oil directly to the sore using a Q-tip several times per day.

33. Beautifully natural wood polish. Instead of using those commercial aerosols that have toxic synthetic chemicals that coat your wood, give your wood furniture what it really wants, OIL! Rub a bit of coconut oil directly onto your furniture with a clean cloth, let sit for 20 or 30 minutes, and then rub again with another clean, dry cloth.

34.  Helps bruises heal faster. Rub some coconut oil gently over a bruise twice per day.

35. If you have horses, coconut oil can make their manes and tails look great. Wash their mane/tail thoroughly, and then rub a liberal amount of coconut oil through the hair. It will look greasy, but it’s only temporary. Do this every day for 7 days, and on the 8th day, just wash with shampoo, don’t add more coconut oil. Be prepared for a beautifully silky mane and tail.

36. Stops dandruff. Rub coconut oil into your scalp and let sit for about 15 minutes before you shampoo. Read more about using coconut oil for your beauty.

37.  Encourages longer, thicker, healthy eyelashes. Don’t use that expensive lash enhancer that can cause blindness; use coconut oil instead. Rub just a dab of coconut oil on your eyelashes every night before bed. In about 4 weeks, you should notice longer, less brittle eyelashes.

38. Stops ringworm. It’s really not a worm, but a fungus. Wash and dry the affected area, then rub in a bit of coconut oil. Wash your hands afterwards to avoid spreading this fungus.

39.  Lube your bike chain. If you want to use an environmentally friendly grease, try running a bit of coconut oil over your bike chain. Just a little bit goes a long way.

40.  Use coconut oil to grease baking pans so your cakes and muffins won’t stick to the pan.

41.  Putting a dab of coconut oil on door hinges gets rid of that annoying squeak naturally.

42.  Removes tree sap from your hands. Simply rub some coconut oil over your hands first, and then wash as normal. This trick works like magic!

43.  Makes snow removal a bit easier. Before you start, rub a bit of coconut oil over your shovel to keep the snow sliding off. Reapply as needed.

44.  Consuming coconut oil daily can lower your cholesterol levels and thus lower your risk of heart disease.

45. Make your own great, exfoliating, yet moisturizing, body scrub. Melt half a cup of coconut oil and put in a container, then add 4 tablespoons of either white or brown sugar. If you like a stronger, coarser scrub, add a bit more sugar. Dampen your skin in the shower, then rub all over for terrifically soft, smooth skin. Use once a week.

46.  Removes make-up naturally. Simply scoop some onto your fingers and rub over your face, then rinse with water. This even works with waterproof make-up.

47. Makes a great massage oil. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a beautiful scent.

48. Works great as a leather polish. Use a cloth or soft brush to remove any dirt, and then rub in a bit of coconut oil in a circular motion. Let sit for a few minutes, and then rub with a clean, dry cloth.

49.  Removes chewing gum from hair, clothes, or rugs. Put a liberal amount over the gum and let sit for a minute or two, and then rub until it the gum comes off. You will need to wash the item with soap to remove the oily residue, but at least it’s not ruined from the gum!

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50.  Soap scum is alkaline, so using acidic coconut oil to remove it is a natural way to keep your shower and tub clean and clear of soap scum. Apply a bit of coconut oil to the soap scum and let it sit for about 15 minutes. If you can, wipe it away with the rough side of a sponge, if you are afraid of scratching, then use the soft side.

51.  Season a cast iron pan by applying a liberal amount of coconut oil to the inside of the pan, and then let it sit upside down on top of a cookie sheet. Bake at 250 degrees for about one hour. Let cool, then wipe out any excess oil with a paper towel.

52.  Add a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil to your bath water and soothe dry, flaky skin.

53.  Don’t buy those expensive little bottles of “cutting board conditioning oil.” You have your own conditioner if you have a jar of coconut oil. Wet the board, rub a bit of coconut oil into it, and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. Buff dry.

54.  Instead of butter, try melting a bit of coconut oil and drizzling it over your popcorn for a slightly different but truly magnificent snack.

55.  Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with your coconut oil and you have your own vapor rub.

56.  Spread coconut oil instead of butter on your toast for a yummy change of pace in the morning.

57.  Coconut oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, so you can feel good about applying some directly to a scrape or cut. You can even mix it with a bit of honey for extra anti-bacterial power.

58. Stop your cat from puking up hair balls on your rugs and furniture. Spread a bit of coconut oil directly on top of his paws once a week. He will naturally lick it off and you should find those nasty hairballs in the litter box instead of your furniture.

59. Taking a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning will ensure regular bowel movements, free from constipation.

60. To get rid of dark circles under your eyes, rub a dab of coconut oil under your eyes every night before you go to bed. Say bye bye to dark circles and puffy bags!

61. Soften those dry, hard elbows by rubbing coconut oil into them every morning and every night.

62.  To reduce the pain and swelling that comes from bee stings, remove the stinger, then rub some coconut oil on the site.

63.  If your dog gets cracked, dry pads from snow, ice, or salt, rub them with some coconut oil to help them heal. Don’t apply this too often, as your dog’s foot pads should be a little rough and calloused.

64.  If your little one gets a chapped nose from a cold, simply apply a tiny dab of coconut oil to the area after washing.

65. Coconut oil makes a great metal polish. Wipe away any dirt first, and then rub in the coconut oil well before buffing to a nice shine.

66. Make your own natural toothpaste! Add some baking soda to a bit of coconut oil, and then add two drops of either peppermint essential oil or cinnamon essential oil. Make a paste and brush as usual.

67.  Massage aching joints with coconut oil to help stop the pain and stiffness of arthritis.

68.  Keep your sports guard or retainer clean and free of bacteria by rubbing a bit of coconut oil into the appliance every night after rinsing.

69.  Extend the life of eggs by rubbing a thin coat of coconut oil to the outside of the shell. This can allow you to keep eggs fresh for 3 weeks without refrigeration.

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70. For sore throats or a dry throat with a nagging cough, swallow a teaspoon of coconut oil.

71.  Don’t sweat ink spills ever again! Rub some coconut oil over the ink and let it sit for about 3 minutes. Wipe off the ink with a dry, clean cloth.

72. If you have goats or cows, a bit of coconut oil on their teats can go a long way toward healing them when they are dry or cracked.

73. Coconut oil will give a lustrous sheen to the inside of your car. Apply just a dab to the dashboard or leather seats and rub it in well.

74. Remove ear mites and dirt from your dog’s ears by rubbing them with a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil.

75. Rubbing a bit of coconut oil into the skin and areas on the sides of your fingernails will help prevent those annoying and painful hangnails.

76.  Super hair detangler. If you or your daughter gets one of those killer tangles in your hair, don’t grab for a pair of scissors, grab some coconut oil instead. Works out tangles like a charm!

77.  If you want soft, supple feet and hate those cracked heels, use a pumice stone to remove as much dry skin as you can, then rub coconut oil on your feet, paying special attention to your heels.

78. Consuming coconut oil can help improve the blood circulation, which will keep you from feeling cold all the time!

79. Coconut oil makes a great breath freshener.  Simply swish a teaspoon around in your mouth and your breath will smell like the tropics!

80. Put a few drops of coconut oil in your baby’s bathwater to help keep their skin soft and smooth, as well as stop any minor irritations they might have.

81. If you have a pug, Pomeranian, or any other squish-faced dog, you know how their noses can get dry and cracked. Put a touch of coconut oil on their nose to keep it soft and kissable.

82.  Coconut oil encourages the body to make collagen. Rub a bit of coconut oil on your face at night and it should help stop those fine lines from forming as we age.

83. Coconut oil helps the body absorb calcium from the foods you eat. Regular consumption of coconut oil can help keep your bones strong and health, helping your avoid osteoporosis.

84. If you feel chained to the “porcelain bus” with a bout of food poisoning, try a mix of 3 tablespoons of coconut oil mixed in juice every morning. Its antibacterial compounds can help put an end to the symptoms of food poisoning.

85.  To remove rust, spread a thin layer of coconut oil over the rusty area of a knife or pair of scissors, and then allow to sit for a few hours. Remove by running hot water over the oil, then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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86. Coconut oil can help stop some of the pain and inflammation that comes from teething. Simply rub a bit directly onto baby’s gums.

87. Heal your skin after getting a tattoo by rubbing it gently with coconut oil several times per day.

88.  Don’t you hate it when your food stains your plastic storage containers? No more worries with coconut oil. Just rub a thin layer inside the container and no more stains!

89. Stop split ends by applying a very, very small amount to the very ends of your hair to help prevent splitting and breakage.

90.  Got a stuck zipper? A touch of coconut oil can help free it up quickly.

91. Men, keep that beard and mustache looking neat by using just a dab of coconut oil for styling purposes. Makes it smell nice, too!

92. Give your cheeks a natural glow that most people only get from cosmetics! One drop of coconut oil on your cheekbones will give you a touch of natural color.

93. Give the leaves on your houseplants a naturally beautiful sheen by rubbing them with a touch of coconut oil.

94. Help stop psoriasis and eczema by rubbing coconut oil on the affected areas.

95. Support a healthy thyroid function by consuming coconut oil daily.

96. New moms, rub coconut oil directly on the perineum to help you heal after giving birth.

97.  A drop of coconut oil rubbed into the inside of your nostrils will help stop allergy symptoms.

98. Nursing mothers can consume three to four tablespoons of coconut oil every day to increase the supply of milk and nutrients for the baby.

99. For an all-day boost of energy, mix one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of chia seeds.

100.  To help a sunburn heal faster, after the heat is gone, rub coconut oil into the skin.

101. When your child has an earache, pour a bit of coconut oil into the affected ear to soothe it and allow it to heal.


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