101 Creative Ways to De-Stress and Take Control of Your Life

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

81. Rent funny movies.

82. Write in a journal every day.

83. Talk to a therapist.

84. Think of your life as a movie and think of some funny lines you would put in if you were the director.

85. Spend 15 minutes just sunbathing. Read about amazing things you have never imaged the sun could do for you.

86. Have a glass of wine. (Just one!)

87. Take your lunch break outside.

88. Take a “mental health” day from work and do something you love to do or something you wouldn’t normally do.

89. Spend a few hours in your local library or bookstore and browse through travel books.

90. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, anyway you like it!

91. Enjoy some video games with your kids.

92. Cut back on your to do list.

93. Think about some of your happy times. Really relive those thoughts and memories.

94. Listen to your favorite type of music.

95. Indulge in your favorite pastime such as golfing or fishing.

96. Make time for yourself. You can’t help others if you are wiped out.

97. Write a Christmas wish list, even if it’s only June!

98. If you don’t have a pet, go to a rescue center and get a new friend!

99. If you have a hot tub or Jacuzzi or steam room, take advantage of it!

100. Go to an amusement park.

101. Go watch the sunset or a sunrise! Take along a picnic lunch!

Although some of these things might sound overly simplistic, you might be surprised at just how good some of them can make you feel.

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