12 Awesome Health Benefits of One Tasty Fruit (#10 is the Best)

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There are many different types of fruit in this world, and they are all sweet, tasty, and have a great deal to offer us health wise. But this one fruit is not only sweet and nutritious, but it is so full of healthy goodness that they are often labeled as #1 on lists of super foods.

They may be small but they pack a powerful punch that cannot be beat. Many people consider them their favorite fruit and keep some frozen so they can always have some whenever they like.

What is this super nutritious fruit that beats all the others hands down?



That’s’ right, no matter how you eat them: fresh, frozen, cooked, baked, or stewed, blueberries are just too good to pass up.  Not to mention all the healthy things that are packed away in that tiny little blue bubble.

Want to know exactly what you are getting when you put those blueberries in your yogurt? Let’s take a look at the top 12 proven health benefits of the world’s favorite fruit; blueberries!


1. Bountiful Brain Protection

Blueberries contain a group of plant nutrients called proanthocyanidins which are unique in their ability to protect both the fatty and watery parts of our brains from damage that can be caused by environmental toxins. In one study done with animals, those that were given a blueberry extract performed better on memory tests and had less decline in their motor skills then when compared to a group that did not eat blueberries (poor guys!).  The powerful phytonutirents in blueberries can protect the brain from age related motor skill decline and memory loss. No one wants their old noggin to start shrinking so go grab a handful of blueberries out of the freezer right now, then keep reading.


2. Low in Calories/High in Nutrients

These delectable little berries come to us from a flowering shrub which produces berries that range in shades from a dark blue to a reddish purple. We call these blueberries.  They are related to other shrubs that give us boysenberries and cranberries.  Blueberries start out life green as a blade of grass but when they are ripe they turn to their familiar blue color.

There are actually two types of blueberries: highbush and lowbush. Highbush are the most common type and the ones used for production here in America and lowbush, which are wild blueberries. Wild blueberries might be smaller than the ones you see at the store, but they are actually richer in some antioxidants, if you can believe that! If you happen to go hiking or camping and see wild blueberries, don’t pass them by!

Blueberries are the most nutrient dense berries on the planet. One cup of blueberries has 4 gram of fiber,  24 percent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, 36 percent of vitamin K, 25 percent of manganese,  15 grams of carbs, and all for a skinny little 84 calories!


3.  Natural Fat Burner

You have heard mention that some foods will help the body burn fat and blueberries are one of those, however, there is one difference. The catechins found in blueberries activate genes in the body that burn abdominal fat. If you are having trouble losing that spare tire, you need to stock up on these little blue fruity diamonds. Tufts University conducted a research study which showed that those who regularly consume blueberry catechins increased their abdominal fat loss by an astounding 77 percent! They also doubled their total weight loss when compared to those who did not eat blueberries or other catechins. Say yes to another serving of blueberries and a new bikini!

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