12 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Every Single Night

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You might not know it, but it is during the night, while you sleep, that your body does most of its repair, including the repair of your skin, hair, and nails.

As we go about our busy days, we don’t often notice how the UV rays from the sun, air pollution, environmental toxins, harsh chemicals, and even dust, cause damage to our skin. We can’t immediately see this damage with the naked eye, but over time, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, liver spots, leathery-looking skin, and dull, dry hair, show up all too soon.

The best time to help your body get everything it needs to repair itself is while you sleep. A nightly skin and haircare routine will improve your skin tone, reduce blemishes, hydrate the hair, and rejuvenate the skin.

We’ve added a few other tips in as well, all of which are designed to keep you looking your best. Give your body just a few minutes each night just before bedtime and, before you know it, you will see improvements within a matter of weeks.

To truly look your best each day, keep reading. We have listed 12 of the best beauty tips that you should get in the habit of doing every single night.


1. Remove Makeup

No matter how busy you are, no matter how tired you might be, this is a habit you should follow no matter what. While you sleep, your pores open and your body repairs the skin. However, when there are chemicals on your face, including mascara, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc., the pores become clogged and the body cannot do the work it needs to do. This frequently causes acne, cysts, an uneven skin tone, and even spots. You can use a commercial makeup remover, cold cream, or even just plain old soap and water to remove your makeup before going to bed. What you use isn’t nearly as important as just plain doing it!

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2. Time for Toner

After removing your makeup, it’s the perfect time to tone up your face using the toner of your choice. Toner helps to restore the skin’s natural pH levels. This naturally makes your skin more resistant to bacteria. Toner also helps to remove the oil and dirt that your cleanser missed. If you tend to get acne or if you have oily skin, toner is more important than ever for you! There are numerous types of toners but the cheapest and most natural is plain witch hazel. Try it for a week or two and see how it agrees with your skin type.


3. Heal Pimples

It’s almost irresistible to pick at those pimples you see in the morning, but it would be far better if you were to take steps to treat them at night before you go to bed. If you should notice the beginning of a pimple, after washing your face, put a dab of coconut oil or diaper rash cream on the spot. Both of these items work really well at stopping a pimple before it starts. If you notice a new pimple in the morning, you can put on some concealing lotion. Apply the coconut oil to the spot and allow it to work for about 15 to 20 minutes before bedtime so you don’t rub it off on the pillowcase.


4. Hair Masks

If you want to deep treat your hair and get in some serious conditioning time, an overnight mask is ideal. Different masks work in various ways. Some masks should be used on dry hair, others on damp hair. Apply your favorite mask to your hair according to the directions and put on a tight fitting shower cap. You will want to put an old pillowcase or two on your pillow to protect it from leaks. In the morning, wash your hair as you normally would. This deep conditioning treatment will really give you strong, lustrous locks like you never imagined possible.


5. Hand Treatment Time

If you want softer, lovelier hands during the day, the best time to get them is at night! Wash your hands with some mild soap and water, and then pat dry. Apply a plain old, thick, greasy hand cream and rub it in well. Pay attention to your cuticles and around your fingernails to stop those annoying hangnails. Add a bit more, then put on some cotton gloves and leave them on overnight. In the morning, you will have the softest hands imaginable.

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6. Make the Pillowcase Switch

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will greatly benefit your hair and skin. Silk has 18 essential amino acids, as well as natural proteins that your skin will actually absorb, making your skin look younger and more beautiful. Silk pillowcases prevent those “sleep lines” that often happen when you sleep on cotton pillowcases. Silk is also great for your hair. Silk will allow your hair to glide smoothly, which will cause fewer split ends.


7. Don’t Forget Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the first place where your complexion will show the signs of aging. Always remove all traces of makeup first, and then apply a good quality eye cream that contains peptides, antioxidants, and caffeine. Start at the inner corner of the eye, then gently massage it outwards towards the corners. Eye cream will help to prevent wrinkles, hydrate, reduce dark circles, and temporarily tighten the under-eye area.


8. Use a Humidifier

The last thing you want is to allow dry indoor air to dry out your skin. Especially during the winter months, when indoor heaters can dry the air out to the point of being desert like, you will want to turn on your humidifier. Using a humidifier will fill your room with moist air, which will not only help you sleep better, but will keep the skin hydrated so you can avoid dry, itchy, cracked skin. Support a beautiful complexion and turn on that humidifier just before you hit the sack.

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9. Brush and Floss

Of course, besides our skin and hair, we want to take care of our pearly whites. What good does a beautiful complexion do if our smile is yellow and full of plaque? Floss first, then, using a soft bristled brush, brush your teeth for two minutes. Rinse with a mouthwash or your own homemade mouth rinse. You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush so the acid level in your mouth has time to diminish.


10. Pin Up Your Hair

Unless you are using a hair mask, you should put your hair up to avoid knots, tangles, and split ends. Leaving your hair down is also a common way to get pimples from the oil and dirt on your hair. Pin it up in a bun or braid it. You might feel strange the first few nights but you will quickly get used to it.


11. Don’t Forget Your Feet

Ok, so we have taken care of our face, hair, hands, and teeth, let’s not forget the tootsies. Give your feet a wash and pat them dry, then apply some of the same heavy cream you used on your hands on your feet. Massage it in well, then put on a nice big glob for good measure. You might be shocked at how much lotion your feet will soak in! Put on some cotton socks and you’re done! In the morning, you won’t believe how soft your feet are.


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12. They Don’t Call it Beauty Sleep for Nothing!

The duration and nature of your sleep will have a huge impact on how you look during the daylight hours. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate itself and repair cell damage. Consistent lack of sleep will cause dark circles, wrinkles, poor skin tone, and fine lines. There are plenty of other reasons to get your rest, but in this case, there really is a reason they call it “beauty sleep,” because it truly is. Work on getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each and every night.