12 Best Foods For Those Suffering From Arthritis Pain

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is perhaps the most commonly consumed oil in the world — and for good reason. One 2014 study found that extra virgin olive oil was not only good for the heart, but it also had anti-inflammatory and joint protective compounds that were very effective fighters of arthritis. Olive oil is not a very good choice for cooking, as it changes composition under high heat, but it is great as a dressing for salads or in dips. Always use extra virgin olive oil as well to get more of the anti-inflammatory compounds you need…


6. Shellfish

If you take glucosamine supplements to help stop arthritis pain, don’t stop taking them. The only problem with these is that sometimes they can be quite expensive! Eat more shellfish, such as lobster and shrimp, as these are super rich in glucosamine. Numerous studies show that glucosamine really helps to stop arthritis pain. Another great source of glucosamine is bone broth. Boil bones, such as your leftover Thanksgiving turkey or last Sunday’s chicken dinner, and use that broth to make a healthy, glucosamine-rich soup.


7. Turmeric

Although this isn’t a food, so to speak, this spice is the king when talking about anti-inflammatories. Numerous studies show that turmeric relieves pain and stops inflammation better than most pharmaceuticals anti-inflammatories, NSAIDS, or any other plant. Add more turmeric to your cooking dishes! If you don’t enjoy turmeric, you can take supplements, but please speak with your doctor first for the proper dosage for your unique situation.

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