12 Cancer Causing Food Substitutes

Microwave popcorn

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The American people are becoming more aware of their diets and are looking into the foods that they are eating. They want to know what’s in them, and how they are prepared, and what those additives and chemicals mean to their health. Americans want to eat healthier, but sometimes it’s a matter of not knowing what to eat instead. We are all creatures of habit and it’s easy to just pick up the same things we are used to eating. Here is a list of healthy food substitutes you can use to replace those dangerous cancer causing foods you have become accustomed to.

1. Instead of Microwave Popcorn

Those little bags of popcorn are so convenient to just stick in the microwave, you wouldn’t think for a minute that they could be dangerous to your health, but they are. First, let’s talk about the bag itself. It’s lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA) This is a toxin you can find in Teflon also. After being heated, this toxic chemical is known to cause infertility and cancer in lab animals. The EPA lists this chemical as a known carcinogen. Now, let’s talk about the contents. Although every manufacturer uses slightly different ingredients, most of them use soybean oil (a GMO product) as well as various preservatives such as propyl gallate, a chemical that is causes stomach problems and skin rashes.

It’s easy to make your popcorn the old fashioned way! Use a pan with a little salt and coconut oil. Or use your own brown paper bag, add some popcorn, fold it over tightly and make your own homemade microwave popcorn minus all those dangerous chemicals. If possible you could buy an air popper, which pops your popcorn with hot air only, no oils needed.

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