12 Healthy Things You Never Knew about Cherries

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5. Heart Healthy

Since cherries are very high in potassium, they help to regulate how the heart functions. Cherries also contain phytosterols that also reduce those bad LDL cholesterol levels.


6.  Helps to Metabolize Fat

In a recent study, researchers found that when rats were fed whole tart cherries in a powder form, along with a high fat diet, did not gain very much weight nor did their bodies store the fat the way that the rats that didn’t eat the cherry powder did.


7. Stops Muscle Soreness

Drinking one cup of tart cherry juice or eating one and a half cups of tart cherries reduces muscle inflammation and the soreness that comes after intense exercise. In one study, a group of persons who ran a marathon drank tart cherry juice twice a day the week before their race. The subjects who drank the juice had significantly less muscle pain after the race than the runners who drank another type of fruit juice.


8.  Brain Healthy

Cherries are super rich in antioxidants which the Alzheimer’s Association includes in their list of healthy, memory boosting foods. Eating food high in antioxidants will help slow the aging process of the body, including the brain.

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