12 High Fat Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Healthy Diet. Flax Seeds

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All it takes is one walk around your local supermarket, and you will see low fat everything. Low fat chips, low fat dairy products, low fat cheese, low fat cookies, just about every processed food proudly states that it is “low fat.” But is this really good thing?

Fat has been demonized for the last 60 years, at least, being touted as the root cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and just about every other illness known to man. So, Americans have been on a low fat craze for years now — and guess what? We are fatter and sicker than ever! How can this be?

If only the low fat craze had been replaced with a low sugar or low carb craze. Then we would have truly seen results! The truth is that our bodies need fat, healthy fats, from Mother Nature, not the man-made trans-fats that Americans have been gobbling up (along with those “low fat” snacks) for the last 50 years.

If only Americans were to ditch their high sugar, high carb, processed food diets and go for  low carb, low sugar, minimally processed foods that contain more of the healthy fats all around us.

Are you so confused about fats that when someone says “natural fats,” you immediately picture Kirstie Alley?  Then keep reading! We will fill you in on some of the best natural fats that are not only really good for your body and mind, but they also taste great!


1. Flax Seeds

Just one tablespoon of ground flax seeds (which are easy to sprinkle over yogurt, salads, or soups) has just slightly more than four grams of fat. One gram of these fats is monounsaturated, and three grams are polyunsaturated. Whenever you hear the word “unsaturated,” you know you are eating the fats that are good for you. Polyunsaturated fats lower cholesterol levels in general, and monounsaturated fats increase the HDL (good) cholesterol in our bodies.

Flax seeds also contain between 75 and 800 times more lignans than just about any other type of plant. Lignans act like antioxidants in the body, killing off free radicals that cause damage on a cellular level. Flax seeds need to be ground to get the most nutrition, so if you buy fresh, whole seeds, simply pop a tablespoon or so into your spice or coffee grinder before you add them to your foods.

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