12 Incredible Uses For Patchouli Oil (#6 Is So Hippie Cool!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Antiseptic

This oil has been used for centuries for its super skin nourishing compounds. Patchouli oil has antiseptic compounds that help to fight infections in cuts and skin wounds. It also contains powerful antioxidants that fight the damage caused by free radicals to skin, making it look older than you really are. Mix a few drops of patchouli oil in a good quality carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut, or grape seed oil, and apply this mixture to the affected area.


5. Antidepressant

Depression seems to go hand-in-hand with stress, and those who go through long periods of stress or anxiety find that they can develop depression. Is there anything more relaxing after a stressful day than a hot bath?  Add a few drops of patchouli oil to your bathwater to help relieve stress and ease depression. Improve your mood by adding a few drops into an aroma lamp or diffuser, and let the scent of patchouli oil fill the room!


6. Deodorant

It’s true! Hippies have used patchouli oil for decades as a natural means of controlling body odor by using it as a natural deodorant. Since it is antiseptic, patchouli oil will help  kill the germs that cause body odor.  After bathing, you can apply a few drops of patchouli essential oil directly to the armpits. If you feel the scent is a bit too strong, dilute it with some coconut oil or blend it with lightly scented oil such as lavender or orange. You can dab some between the toes to stop foot odor and apply some directly to the pulse points of the body for added scent. So go retro and use patchouli oil like the hippies!

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