12 Little Known Ways To Use Argan Oil For Hair, Skin, And Nails

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

7.  Fight Acne and Acne Scars

If you suffer from acne, or if you have scars from a teenage bout with acne, Argan oil can help. The high linoleic acid in this oil reduces the redness of acne and its scars. The antioxidants in this oil also help to reduce inflammation. If you have acne currently, the best way to help get rid of it is to mix three or four drops of tea tree oil into one teaspoon of Argan oil. Rub this mixture on your clean face each day using a cotton ball. Allow it to work for 10 minutes, then simply rinse (don’t wash) with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice each day for best results.


8. No More Hangnails!

Hangnails are dry cuticles that split off from the regular cuticle. If you pull one of these or get it caught on something you know how painful these little pieces of skin can be! Stop hangnails by using Argan oil as a natural cuticle moisturizer. The vitamin E in this oil is super nourishing for the nails and cuticles. It helps to prevent fungal infections and moisturizes the cuticles so they don’t develop hangnails. Simply rub a drop of Argan oil into your cuticles once or twice each day and say bye-bye to hangnails forever!


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9. Reduce Premature Aging

Everyone wants to keep a fresh, youthful appearance as long as possible and with Argan oil, you can slow down the hands of time just a bit longer! This nut oil contains fatty acids that fight the damage the free radicals cause, which are the worst offenders when it comes to premature aging of the skin. Argan oil will also improve elasticity by supporting the collagen fibers beneath the skin. This nourishing oil even prevents oxidative damage caused by the sun’s rays. Massage a few drops of Argan oil into your face and neck for a few minutes each night before bedtime for the best results.

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