12 Powerful Benefits Of Sesame Seeds

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4. Heart Health

The oil from sesame seeds is able to prevent lesions known as atherosclerotic which in turn keeps the heart healthy and helps to maintain it that way.


5. Kidney Disease

There is a disease of the kidney that is induced by an antibiotic. The use of sesame seed oil is able to protect against this condition by cutting down on the oxidative damage that is caused by the gentamicin.


6. DNA Damage from Radiation

Sesame seeds contain sesamol which protects against DNA damage that is caused by radiation. It was able to lower the death rate in mice that were already exposed to radiation. It was also found to be more than 20 times stronger than a free radical scavenger and cut down on the chances of getting other types of cancer from cells that have already mutated.


7. Multiple Sclerosis

When they tested animals in a study on autoimmune encephalomyelitis they found that sesame seed oil was able to keep the mice from getting multiple sclerosis by cutting down on the secretion of IFN-gamma. It was also able to prevent the spread of another neurodegenerative condition known as Huntington’s disease.


8. Depression

The same component in sesame seeds called, sesamol, was proven to act as an antidepressant on people who were documented as chronically stressed out. It was able to cut down on the level of stress and the amount of proven inflammation.

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