12 Ways To Banish Brittle Nails Forever (We Love #7!)

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is full of it! Saturated fats, that is, and these are terrific for moisturizing nails. Coconut oil is also antibacterial and anti-fungal, so it will kill any infections your nails might be harboring.  Slightly warm a tablespoon of coconut oil and then rub well into each nail. Massage gently for a minute or two to allow the coconut oil to penetrate and improve blood circulation. Repeat this process daily for best results. An alternative method is to mix a quarter cup of coconut oil and a bit of lemon juice in a small bowl and soak your nails in this solution for 10 to 15 minutes before bedtime.


5. Blackstrap Molasses

If you lack iron, one of the side effects is that your nails can become weak. Blackstrap molasses is a good source of iron. It also contains other nutrients your body needs. This method is quick and easy: Simply mix one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses into one cup of hot water or hot milk and drink twice a day. Repeat daily for three to four weeks.

Please note that this remedy should not be used by diabetics.


6. Vitamin E Oil

One of the major underlying problems resulting in brittle nails is a lack of moisture. Vitamin E oil is a great remedy for keeping your nails well-hydrated. It will also strengthen and nourish the nails and cuticles at the same time.  To use this method, break open a vitamin E capsule, and apply the oil directly to your nails before going to bed. Do this every night before bed, and you should see results in 10 to 14 days!

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