12 Ways To Stop Feeling Sleepy Without Coffee Or Energy Drinks

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Have you ever had those days … a few days … maybe even an entire week when you just couldn’t seem to keep your eyes open? It happens to everyone now and again, and to some of us more than others.

Drowsiness most commonly comes from a lack of sleep or improper sleep, but being sleepy during the day is sometimes a sign of a true sleep disorder.

Drowsiness can also be due to stress, feelings of anxiety, and even just plain old boredom.

Sometimes, feeling sleepy during the day is a side effect of certain medications, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.

Whatever the cause, feeling sleepy during the day can affect your productivity, make you irritable to be around, and wreak absolute havoc in both your professional and personal life.

If you should begin to feel sleepy after starting a new medication, taken an overdose of any medication, or if you had a recent head injury, even what you consider to be a minor one, please see your physician immediately.

Otherwise, rather than reaching for your 5th cup of coffee or another one of those sugar- and chemical-filled energy drinks, we have 12 terrific ways to keep your eyelids open and your mind on task at hand.


1. Put on Some Tunes

Music has almost magical powers on our feelings and levels of alertness. When you feel like catching some Z’s, try putting on some of your favorite upbeat tunes. Avoid relaxing music or classical tunes that put you out. If you can dance to it, then it should be playing loud!


2. Commit to a Regular Sleep Pattern

Two of the major culprits behind daytime sleepiness are a lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. One of the best ways to avoid drowsiness is to commit yourself to a regular sleep schedule. This will help you to have a great deal more energy during the day, as well as fight depression, stress, and feelings of frustration. Although everyone seems to function on different amounts of sleep, most people find that seven to eight hours works well for them. Be consistent with your bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. Keep your bedroom completely dark to encourage restful sleep. Even “night lights” have been shown to disturb deep sleep patterns for some people. Invest in good quality pillows and mattresses, and keep your bedroom on the cool side for deep, restful sleep that will super charge your body with energy.


3. Take a Walk

Sitting on your butt won’t help you stay awake. Even if you still have a great many things to do, when you feel sleepy, improve your circulation by going for a short walk. If you can’t leave the building, at least get up, go get a glass of water, take some papers to your co-worker, walk up and down the stairs a few times — anything to get your blood and body moving.

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