12 Ways You Can Make A Difference This Christmas

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

If you celebrate Christmas, you know this is a time filled with lots of shopping in busy stores, long lines, and irritated customers. Because this is a religious holiday that celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ, there is really much more to the day than finding the right shirt and tie for someone who already has a closet full of them.

Maybe it’s time to take a real leap of faith and add a few different activities to your shopping list. Giving to people who really need it and who show their appreciation could make you realize the benefits of “paying it forward.” The holidays are notoriously filled with cynicism, cranky adults, and spoiled children who seem to want every materialistic item on the market.

But the good news is it only takes a minute to turn the atmosphere into one of comradery and joy. Don’t believe it? Try paying for the latte for the person behind you next time you are at a coffee shop. You will find that others will join in, and the next thing you know, people are smiling and excited to show their own gratitude to the next person in line. Here are some additional ways you can make a difference this Christmas.


1. Toys For Tots

National organizations, such as Toys For Tots, have a number of outlets where you can drop off unwrapped new toys. These items go to children who would otherwise not receive anything on Christmas Day. You may even find a tree at your doctor or dentist’s office filled with tags that feature a child’s name, age, and what he or she would like to receive for Christmas. In addition, many local fire stations accept gifts and distribute them to needy children.


2. Local food banks

Food banks are always in need of non-perishable supplies, but the demand is even greater over the holidays. With so many buy-one-get-one free (BOGOs) available at the grocery store, it’s easier than ever to drop off a bag or two at your local food bank.

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