13 Lies the Media is Feeding You about Nutrition

orange juice

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With so much information being tossed about in the media, how is a person supposed to discover the truth about such an important factor in our health, – nutrition. One day the media tells you that butter is bad, the next day they say, oh we made a mistake, its margarine that is bad. There is so much misinformation is spread around, most of it from the mainstream media. You would think these publication and organizations would know better , or at least could do their research a little better, but apparently, there is no money in common sense or in the public’s general welfare.

This is a list of the top 13 myths and outright lies mainstream media is feeding you.

1. Start you day with a glass of orange juice

This is a tradition that you see on the breakfast tables across America. Actually, this is one of the worst ways to start your day. Orange juice is high in sugar and commercial orange juice adds even more sugar to the mix.

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