14 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally Without Ruining Your Enamel

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8. Lemons

There are some people who have used lemon juice to bleach their hair so these same traits can bleach your teeth. Add a little bit of sea salt to the lemon juice and apply to your teeth. Let the mixture stay on your teeth for up to five minutes. Rinse completely.


9. Apples

Crunchy apples are great for making your mouth produce more saliva. The apples themselves will help to get any stains off the teeth with the help of their fibers. They also keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh.


10. Salt

Regular table salt is one of the most economical and easily accessible products to use to get your teeth cleaned. It will help teeth become white again as well as fill them with any lost minerals. Take the salt and you can add it to charcoal or baking soda to get your teeth white again.


11. Carrots

Just as apples are nice and crunchy, raw carrots are able to remove the plaque from your yellow teeth. These veggies are able to give off an acid-alkaline presence and gets rid of bacteria.

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