15 Creative and Super Easy Ways to Use Neem Oil

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6. Heals and soothes skin

The anti-inflammatory properties in neem oil can help to soothe irritated, dry, or inflamed skin. It’s well known for healing acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Try taking a soothing bath that contain the leaves from this tree, or mix it with some coconut oil and apply it directly to the skin.


7. Kills head lice

You don’t need to buy those chemical laden products from the drug store to kill lice. The chemicals in some of those lice kits can actually burn or irritate the scalp. Why risk those kinds of nasty side effects when all you need to do is apply neem oil to the hair and scalp, cover your head with a shower cap and towel overnight, the use a nit comb to remove the dead lice and nits. Neem oil will not cause allergic reactions, nor will it cause you any of the ugly side effects that chemical products can.


8. Supports liver health

Neem oil will help your live to function properly by helping it to filter out toxins so your liver can work the way it should. Neem oil is also recommended in cases of jaundice.


9. Improves digestion

Neem oil will help to support a health gastrointestinal tract and allow your body to process foods to help stop digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea.


10. Dandruff remover

Looking for a natural way to cure your dry scalp and dandruff problem? You’ve found it! Many dandruff shampoos use neem oil and regular use can keep dandruff from every forming. Using neem oil shampoo regularly can help dandruff issues, itchy scalp, and psoriasis. Neem oil shampoo is sold in almost all health food stores.

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  1. Kati

    Sep 8, 2017 at 12:31 am

    Caution: Neem can cause miscarriages. Pregnant and lactating women, and women trying to conceive, should not use neem.