Natural Ways to Help Constipation: Stimulating Tips for Your Bowels Quick Relieve

Constipation is the condition when your bowel movements go less frequently than it is normal for you, passing hard and dry stools. According to Wikipedia, the incidence of constipation varies from 2 to 30% in the general population. Constipation can come suddenly or may be chronic due to an illness. Regardless of the causes it can be treated, and there are natural ways to help constipation.



If you do not eat the products which are rich in fiber, you may provoke constipation. In order to prevent it and (if it happens to hit you) to release it, introduce more raw vegetables and fresh fruits to your everyday diet. Dry fruits make a good variation here as well. In order to increase the advantages of fiber, the doctors advise to drink lots of water and other fluids to help your stool. If fiber starts causing the bloating or gas, you need to stop taking that much of fiber and shift to the gradual introduction of the vegetables and fruits to your digestive system.



If you follow the natural ways to relieve constipation, do not forget of the exercising. Active approach to your life style and some stretching, leg raising, bending helps to maintain and stimulate the bowel movements. Even if you are stuck in the wheelchair (unfortunately constipation is something typical for the people with different walking disabilities), just try to change positions frequently and you will surely notice the difference.

treat constipation naturally

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Talking about the natural ways to help constipation, it is worth mentioning that some particular products are extremely good for the stomach and intestine, and they fight constipation by helping to provoke more frequent bowel movements. The top list includes:

  •  Beetroot. This vegetable stimulates peristalsis in the colonic area. Also, the fiber of this vegetable serves as the nutrition for the good bacteria in your stomach.
  • Yogurt with the live bacteria. This type of yogurt is exceptionally good as it balances the bacterial level by suppressing bad bacteria and stimulating the spread of the good bacteria.
  • Olive oil. In some generous amounts it does help really quickly.

There are the products though, which should be escaped, as they can easily worsen your constipation. The top list of products which should be avoided includes:

  • Strong tea and coffee (the tannin they contain can tight the bulk that is not what you need).
  • Fatty and smoked meat (they digest really slowly, while with constipation you need to eat the food that get metabolized quickly).
  • Rice (It makes your stool hard and dry).
  • Sugars and even honey. (If you take more than 2-3 spoons of honey per day it can cause constipation.)

If you suffer from constipation for over two or three days, it is better to make an appointment with the doctor, because constipation can be the side-effect of a serious illness.


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