9 Remedies to Naturally Thicken your Hair

Healthy hair growth requires certain substances to take part in your metabolic function such as vitamins C, E, B-6, B-8 and H, folate, zinc, magnesium and sulfur. Together with simple measures that prevent hair from thinning and falling out like not using hair dryer or flat iron, never using shampoos containing sodium laureth sulfate (NaC12H25SO4 using chemical language) some simple procedures will help to naturally thicken your hair.

  •  Orange

Possessors of oily hair and dandruff must appreciate the effect of orange juice and peel on their hair. Definitely you’ll have an advantage using organic oranges to thicken your hair. Use the peel as a pack to rub your hair and the juice as a mask. Mix orange juice fifty-fifty with apple puree or olive oil and apply twice a week.


  • Flax seed

Flax is a plant that helps people in all spheres of their lives, giving us clothes with exceptional “breathing” qualities and benefiting our health. 3 tablespoons of flax seed soaked in a bowl with water for 5 days turn to an organic treatment for your hair. Put in directly on the scalp and rinse in 10 minutes.


  • Coconut oil

Warm some coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. Blood circulation will improve because of circular motions of your finger tips. Cover your head with wet and warm towel for half an hour and then wash your hair as usual. Try this method twice a week and see how simple and effective it is.

thicken hair naturally

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  • Olive oil

Olive oil has been used for aesthetic purposes for centuries. Massage the skin of your head intensively before going to bath with virgin olive oil. Apply olive oil solo or mixed with some honey like a mask.


  • Avocado

Apply ripe mashed avocado as a mask to thicken your hair naturally. Leave it for 30 minutes so the nutritional substances will be absorbed by the scalp and wash thoroughly.


  • Aloe vera

The miracle is that such a curative plant can be easily cultivated right on your window-sill. Use gel from the aloe vera leaves as a mask: leave it for half an hour before rinsing. Taking one spoon of aloe juice interiorly will also help to boost healthy hair growth.


  • Indian gooseberry

Exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties of Indian gooseberry help to improve the state of one’s hair and scalp a lot. Mix 1 tablespoon of dried gooseberries with some coconut oil on low heat and massage into your scalp before going to bed. Shampoo as usual in the morning.


  • Fenugreek

Soak 2 or 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds for 10 hours and make a smooth puree out of them. Let it act on for 30 minutes before washing your hair as usual. Alternatively you can use the water where seeds were soaked to rinse your hair regularly and it will help to thicken it.