15 Foods You Aren’t Eating But Should Be (# 4 is Really Good!)

Cabbage on wooden table on nature background

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Ok, so you eat kale, drink bone broth, and brew your own kombucha, but there are some super healthy foods you never give a second thought to- but you should!

There are plenty of healthy foods that probably never see your shopping cart, others that you may never have heard of, or some of these you might have simply forgotten about. So keep reading and find out the 15 super nutritionally dense foods you probably aren’t eating but that you will be after you read this list!


1. Cabbage

Although most Americans only see cabbage when they order coleslaw at a fast food restaurant, it’s a major ingredient in most Asian and European food. Perhaps that is why these countries have lower rates of cancer. With only 22 calories per cup, eating cabbage will fill you up but not fill you out! It’s loaded with sulforaphane, a chemical that increases your body’s production of free radicals, as well as reduces your risk of cancer.

One study done at Stanford University found that eating foods that are high in sulforaphane increases your levels of these cancer fighting compounds more than any other plant. Add cabbage to your burgers, your salads, or add it to your sandwich for a unique topping.

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