15 Natural Ways to Stop Migraine Headaches (We Love #9)

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7.  Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2, otherwise known as riboflavin, has been shown to dramatically reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. The medical journal Neurology published a study in 1998 which showed that when 55 subjects consumed 400mg of B2 each day over a three month period, they cut their migraine attacks in half. Try it for yourself and see. B vitamins work best in combination with each other, so try taking a B vitamin complex supplement that contains at least 400mg of vitamin B2.  You could start seeing results in as little as 60 days!


8. Chamomile

You might think that chamomile is a great tea to drink when you need a little help falling asleep, but chamomile has potent anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic compounds that can relieve migraine headaches. Regular consumption of chamomile tea can even prevent migraines from developing. The best results seem to come from German chamomile so choose your tea carefully and drink two or three cups each day for best results.


9. Cannabis

This is actually a traditional migraine remedy that got kicked to the wayside in the 1930’s. This substance might be illegal in your area but if you can legally purchase medical marijuana or if it is legal in your area, speak to your doctor about how to safely use this natural herb for almost immediate pain relief and prevention of migraines.  How sweet it is!

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