15 Proven Ways To Eat More And Burn Fat Like A Furnace!

Grapefruits on a wooden table with green foliage

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Everyone wants to lose a few pounds and look their best, no matter what you wear.

Everyone wants to lose weight, but no one wants to go hungry! You don’t want to stop eating delicious food either! Well, when it comes to losing weight, not all foods are the same.

It’s true! Some foods raise your metabolism, helping you to burn more fat with no extra effort. Other foods kill off your appetite or make you feel full for longer periods of time so you aren’t hungry as often and you eat less.

And some foods do both!

So if you want to lose a few pounds and look hot, keep reading for the 15 best foods that are scientifically proven to be winners when it comes to losing weight.


1. Grapefruit

No, we aren’t talking about that grapefruit diet from 40 years ago. You know, the one that had you eat like 10 grapefruits a day? Forget that nonsense! Grapefruit really can help you to lose weight, and you don’t have to eat a dozen for them to work. Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California, found in one study that when obese people ate just a half a grapefruit before each meal, they dropped almost 4 pounds in 12 weeks, even though they didn’t make any other changes to their eating habits. Grapefruit juice had the same effects, but eating the fruit whole is better overall, as you get all the benefits of fiber as well.

Be careful if you are taking any medications as some of them can have serious side effects or stop working when mixed with grapefruit. Always ask your doctor before eating grapefruit if you are taking any prescription medications or if you have any other health conditions.

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