15 Super Ways Increase Endorphins Naturally

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Have you ever heard someone say they had an endorphin rush? You may already know that these are a good thing, but what are endorphins and how do we increase them?


Endorphins – Making You Happier Than Any Happy Pill Can

What if you knew there was a substance that gave you all the benefits of morphine, but had none of the side effects. You would not feel any pain, you would be cool, calm, and collected, and there were even ways you could increase your level of endorphins without suffering from any adverse reactions.

Even though endorphins mimic a prescription of antianxiety pills, your body produces endorphins naturally. Unlike prescribed medicine, endorphins can make you feel wonderful and you won’t need to see your doctor to get a higher dose of these natural chemicals. Check out the following 15 ways that you can raise naturally your level of endorphins while feeling euphoric and on top of the world.


1. Ginseng

Ginseng has been known to have many health benefits for our everyday lives. It was first found to help people who were exhausted, too stressed, or people who were trying to recover from being ill after a long period of time. Besides helping to equal out stress levels, and work with the organs that let go of the stress, it was found that they also help to increase the amount of endorphins that are emitted by the brain.

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