15 Tips to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

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Are you having issues with your hormones? If you are a female over the age of 45 you most likely have had some problems, even if you have kept your weight normal, exercised, and tried to follow a good diet. Many menopausal and pregnant women experience some type of fatigue, weight gain, and cloudy thinking due to hormone imbalances. However, you don’t need more hormones to balance your body’s natural hormones. Here is a list of 15 tips to help you balance your hormones naturally.


1. Avoid Commercial Vegetable Oils

Almost all commercial oils are highly processed and contain omega-6 and chemically altered fats. These lead not only heart disease, but an imbalance of your hormones.

So avoid all vegetable oils including soybean oil, shortening, peanut oil, margarine, and canola oil. Use coconut oil, butter, and olive oil.

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2. Try Chaste berry

If you are having menopausal issues or menstrual problems, try using a little chaste berry.

This herb has long been used to regulate menstrual cycles and combat menopause symptoms and PMS.

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3. Limit Your Caffeine

Although a small amount of coffee is good for you, too much coffee, or any drink containing caffeine, can be bad for your hormonal system.

So watch your caffeine intake and instead of drinking coffee during the day, try herbal teas with no added caffeine.

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4. Check Your Home for Toxins

Unfortunately, toxins are found everywhere in our world today, even our homes.

Try to remove or limit pesticides, household cleaning chemicals, and plastics. These all contain chemicals that imitate hormones in the body, therefore keeping your body from making its own hormones.

Try cooking using only glass or cast iron pans, not Teflon coated cooking utensils.

Eat only organic foods and meats.

Clean your home with only natural cleansers, there are dozens of recipes for these natural cleaning agents on the internet.

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5. Exercise Gently

Strenuous exercise can make a hormonal imbalance worse than it already is.

Try some more relaxing exercises such as swimming, walking, and yoga.

Swimming, especially, will get you all the cardio you need.

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6. Eat More Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has terrific properties for balancing your hormones.

It can actually help you lose weight, it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial, and can provide a base for proper hormone production. Try to add ¼ cup of coconut oil into your daily diet.

Find out other uses of coconut.


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7. Add Phytoestrogens to Your Diet

Phytoestrogens can help you naturally control and balance your hormones naturally.

They are found in soy, sunflower seeds, bean sprouts, garbanzo beans, and peas.

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8. Try Deep Breathing

Recent studies have shown that doing deep breathing exercises twice a day for 15 minutes each time has decreased hot flashes and night sweats for women.

Meditation has also worked for many by decreasing stress hormones and keeping your body working more efficiently.

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9. Eat Broccoli

Cruciferous vegetables contain a substance which the body metabolizes into DIM (diindolylmethane).

These substances can modulate estrogens as well as lower your risk for cancers.

So add plenty of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, and cauliflower to your diet.

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10. Repair Leptin Problems

Leptin is a natural hormone in our bodies that help control our hunger and regulates our metabolism.

Deficiencies in our leptin levels happen when we consume too many processed foods and sugars.

This can cause us to indulge in food cravings while bringing down the metabolism.

Eat whole, natural, organic foods. Stay away from sugar and get your rest.

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11. Try Maca Root

Maca root is a tuber and part of the radish family.

It’s been used for years helping with hormone production and libido. Maca is high in minerals and essential fatty acids.

Many women who use it have fewer PMS symptoms, improved skin tone, and an increase in fertility while men sleep better; have increased libido and sperm production.

It’s available in a capsule form or uses it whole in a smoothie.

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12. Try a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D in and of itself acts like a hormone in our bodies.

When we lack sufficient amounts of vitamin D we feel fatigued and can even gain weight.

Studies have shown that a lack of vitamin D has been linked to asthma, cancer, and food allergies.

Although you can get vitamin D from sunlight, most people can’t receive sufficient amounts in this manner.

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13. Avoid White Foods

This would include all refined carbohydrates such as sugars, rice, and alcohol.

Also, avoid foods made with white flour, bagels, pasta, and muffins.

Try going off these foods for one month and see if your symptoms improve.

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14. Add Omega -3 Fatty Acids

One of the easiest ways to balance your hormones is to get more polyunsaturated omega-3 fats.

Chia seeds, flax, and walnuts are all good sources along with oily fish or algae oil.

Read more about krill oil as an omega-3 fats source.

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15. Add More Fiber

Eating more raw, organic fruits and vegetables is an extremely easy way to balance your hormones.

Raw produce binds itself to old estrogen and gets it out of your body via fiber.