15 Ways to Eat Your Way to a Stronger Immune System

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Since half of your immune system is found in your digestive tract, it only makes sense that what you eat can directly, and dramatically, influence your health.

Your digestive system breaks down and absorbs the nutrients from the foods we eat. These nutrients can then be used by the body to protect it from illnesses.

It’s easy to see how failing to watch what you eat and drink can affect your body and allow toxins to build up or bacteria to pass through.

When your immune system is overworked, or doesn’t get the support it needs, your health can suffer as a result.

This doesn’t mean that food is everything. You can eat all the right things but drink tons of alcohol, not get enough sleep, and be a virtual slave to your job, and your immune system will be ruined all the same.

The good news here is that there is a world of bacteria that lives inside your digestive system, doing everything from digesting food to breaking down fat to extracting the nutrients in your food so that they can make hormones or for improving and supporting the immune system.

When the balance of bacteria in your digestive system gets out of whack and the bad bacteria outnumber the good, then a condition called dysbiosis can happen. Dysbiosis is associated with increased gut permeability and overall poor digestion. This results in numerous gut problems including bloating, gas, acid reflux, indigestion, diarrhea, and heartburn. Dysbiosis is also connected to an increased susceptibility to allergies, infections, and inflammatory disorders.

You can literally eat your way to a better immune system. By providing your body with the proper foods that help it to keep your gut bacteria in the proper balance, you can improve the immune system function and help to keep your body strong and disease free.

Keep reading and find out which foods you should be eating more of to help keep the doctor away and keep yourself healthy for work or play.

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